DIY Home Improvement Mistakes To Avoid

Image of home diy-er sanding a piece of wood

These days we’re all looking for ways to save a buck. A DIY home improvement project sounds like the perfect way to improve your living space without breaking the bank. But use caution—a DIY project can quickly go from riveting to disastrous. These are common DIY mistakes to avoid. Not Taking Time To Thoroughly Plan…

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5 Options for Garage Insulation

Image of worker installing fiberglass insulation

Adding garage insulation can give your family more options by adding extra livable square footage to your Harrisonburg home. Reconsider how you use your garage and consider clearing out the junk and adding insulation to the walls to transform your cold, damp garage into the perfect location for your family’s activities, like games, movie night…

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Tips For Easier Estate Cleanout

Woman taping box as part of estate closing using dumpster rental

It can be draining to clean out an estate. If you’re in that tough position, consider dumpster rental to make the task as frictionless as possible. These steps can help you make easy work of this tough task. Save Any Important Documents When cleaning out the estate, you should keep any financial documents such as…

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Guide to Renting a Happy Little Dumpster


TABLE OF CONTENTS CHOOSING A DUMPSTER SIZE WHAT CAN I THROW AWAY? WHAT TO EXPECT DUMPSTER RENTAL PRICING PLANNING & PREPARATION CHOOSING A DUMPSTER RENTAL COMPANY INTRODUCTION The purpose of this article is to let you know that dumpster rental is an easy, cost-effective option for homeowners and renters. Renting a Happy Little Dumpster is…

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How To Downsize The Family Home

downsize happy older woman and man petting golden retriever on the couch

Accept That To Downsize Is Emotional.  The first step, and often a big hurdle, to downsize the family home is realizing and accepting that this process is emotional. Memories, guilt, embarrassment, and fear can cause you to consider and reconsider your decision. Accepting that these emotional concerns are valid and also can be worked through…

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