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Junk Removal Project? Get Started Planning.

Are you planning a junk removal project? Time to get organized. The first step is to determine what to keep and what to purge. As Marie Kondo says in her bestselling book, The Live-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, if it doesn’t “spark joy,” it needs to go. Kondo recommends you pick a category of items to organize as opposed to an entire room. With this method, you can fully assess the quantity and the condition of the items. While hers is a great method, we find that it can be overwhelming for busy professionals and families. We recommend you start small. Go through the junk drawer in the kitchen or the utility cabinet in the garage. Set items to the side and schedule a junk removal pick-up when you’re ready. 

How Much Junk Is Too Much?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the stuff in your house? Can you get a car in the garage? Here’s how you can tell if you have too much stuff:

  • You Don’t Have To Unpack: Do you return from a trip and leave clothing, toiletries, and shoes in your bag for a week? If you don’t need those items within a week, you might have too much stuff. 
  • You Save Recyclables: Are coffee cans, popsicle sticks, and old jars accumulating in your basement or garage? Sure they can come in handy when a kid or scout team is crafting, but once your kids are grown, get rid of recyclables.
  • You Find Multiples: Do you have two copies of the same book or three can openers? Individually, these items don’t take up a lot of space. When you have multiples of many different items, however, they can take up a lot of space.

Happy Little Dumpsters Helps Spark Joy.

We love being part of your process to declutter. We rent and deliver dumpsters to residential and commercial properties. You fill it up with your junk, and we’ll transport it to the landfill. Professional junk removal has never been easier.

Ready To Get Started?

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