Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

We are delighted to serve you with our frequently asked questions. The employees and managers at Happy Little Dumpsters pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service.  We're here to help you with your junk removal, remodeling, or clean-out project.  Below you'll find the most helpful, and frequent questions we hear from our valued customers. 

When Will My Dumpster Be Picked Up?

Your Dumpster will be picked up when you tell us to pick it up.  You tell us what day you want the Dumpster delivered Monday through Friday, and we'll use our assets to the best of our ability to deliver it on that day.  After you use it and you're done with it, you then let us know you're done with it and we'll pick it up the next day Monday through Friday. We require a record of you asking us to pick up the dumpster. The preferred way to notify us is:

  1. Use the voicemail option, by calling us at 888-33-HAPPY and pressing #1. Following the prompts please leave your name, address, and phone number in your message and we will schedule your pick-up promptly.
  2. Visit the dumpster pick-up page at and send your request.

What Services Do You Provide?

We provide fast, clean, affordable, compact, driveway-safe, roll-off dumpsters for all your junk, and waste removal needs.

What is included in using a Happy Little Dumpster?

  • Dropping off a Happy Little Dumpster.
  • The permission to use the dumpster according to our guidelines.
  • Picking up the dumpster.
  • The included hauling fees, and disposing of the contents according to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's policies and regulations.
  • Note: if you go over the included weight of your dumpster size, the weight overage is $60/ton. 

Can you place the Dumpster in my backyard?

Short Answer: We strongly caution against driving on and/or placing dumpsters on grass or dirt. 

Our dumpsters and trucks are "Driveway Friendly." As we enjoy making your dumpster rental worth your while, we recommend placing the dumpster on a solid, stable surface, such as concrete, gravel, or asphalt. Rest assured, however, we protect your driveway with wooden boards to avoid stressing the surface.


Although our trucks are all 4-wheel drive, the weight of the dumpster over the rear axle plus the weight of the debris is so heavy, that the wheels easily get buried in the ground, especially after it has rained, or snowed.  This results in damage to your turf, and our trucks possibly getting stuck on your property.  In the event we require a wrecker/recovery service to haul our trucks off your property, you'll be stuck with the wrecker bill! Again, we will never advise our trucks or dumpsters to be parked on grass, or a field of any kind.

May I over-fill the dumpster?

No. It is illegal to travel United States roadways with debris not contained within the confines of the container. All debris MUST not be above the top edge of the container. Yes, we do tarp the dumpsters, but that is to insure debris doesn't fly out, not to increase the volume of the container.

When you tell us your dumpster is ready to be picked up, you are also insuring that the dumpster is not overfilled, it's not full of heavy material (like dirt, asphalt, concrete or gravel), the rear doors are closed and properly secured, and there's no hazardous material in it. If the dumpster is found to not be road-ready, you will likely be paying additional fees.

What Material Can We Not Haul?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. It depends on where you want us to take the material.  We will bring you a scrap metal dumpster for metal, and appliances, and even appliances with freon, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers.  Food and all contents should be removed from fridges and freezers.  You can read more about what can, and can't take on our dumpster rental services page. But we are not a hazardous waste hauler, and we can't accept:

  • Paint.
  • Tires.
  • Oil Products.
  • Highly Flammable Material.
  • No Liquids of any Kind.
  • Chemicals.
  • Solvents.
  • Asbestos.
  • Radioactive.
  • Explosives.
  • Bio-Medical Waste.
  • Infectious Waste.
  • Toxic or Hazardous Materials.

Just have a conversation with us. We're resourceful people who like to make our customers happy, and we can come up with a solution together as long as we communicate openly about your project. 

What's The Size of a Happy Little Dumpster?

We have 3 sizes at Happy Little Dumpsters.  Our 6-yard dumpsters (4'x4'x10') hold 2 pick-up truck loads. Our 12-yard dumpsters (4.5'x7'x10') hold 4-5 pick-up truck loads. Our 18-yard dumpsters (5.5'x8'x12') hold 6-8 pick-up truck loads. Our Dumpster Rental Service Page explains in detail.

How Soon In Advance Should I Place My Order?

During busier times, the more advanced notice the better, however, we pride ourselves that most of the time we can deliver the next day; same-day in some cases.  Next-day delivery is ideal, but two days' advanced notice is customary for any local dumpster rental service company.  

I Need To Cancel My Order, How Do We Proceed?

A 24 hour notice is required.  If your notification is not received in advance of 24 hours, there is a $100 cancellation fee. 

How Long May I Keep My Happy Little Dumpster?

The good news is: We do include the day of delivery and the day of pickup, and a complimentary 3-day period with each dumpster. Beyond that, there's a $5/day per diem use charge, the maximum rental period is 30 days.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

All major credit cards, checks from estate accounts, and cash. Sorry, we don't offer financing. 

I Need My Dumpster Moved, How Do I Do That?

Call Us! We'll move it for you with our specialized equipment. If you move it yourself, you risk damaging it, damaging property, or injuring someone. Unauthorized movement of the dumpster will result in a $100 fee.

Are you open on Saturdays?

Our operational hours are 8am through 4pm, Monday through Friday. We do operate on Saturdays if the job is large enough to justify a full crew's operation payroll.  So, just tell us what you need ahead of time, and we can plan accordingly. However, we are definitely closed Sundays. 

Are There Any Additonal Fees I Need To Know About?

  • Excess Weight.  Please do not put loads of concrete, rock or dirt in the 12 or 18 yard dumpster. We do not operate dump trucks.  Our maximum weight in the dumpster is 4 tons. If you fill a 18 yard up with dirt, it's likely to exceed 8 tons! We have convenient 6 yard dumpsters suitable to fill with aggregate, and heavy & dense material. Please let us know in advance you plan on filling with heavy material, and we can arrange to have a 6 yard dumpster brought out to you.
  • Unauthorized movement of the dumpster
  • Negligent use of excavation equipment. For some reason, people who use excavation equipment are notorious for running into the sides of the dumpsters.  Don't be that person. Treat our dumpsters with respect!
  • Overflowing debris. If we can't travel the dumpster down the road because debris is overflowing, this puts the safety of other drivers at risk and pollutes the environment you live in. You should not fill the dumpster with contents over the side. Depending on the situation, we may have to off load the debris by hand, and if we're unable to off load the debris, the dumpster will need to stay on-site until someone from your crew fixes it, and you'll be charged a $100 trip fee. It is possible that you have more debris than the container can hold, and in that event, you'll want to request another dumpster upon picking up the full dumpster.
  • Restricted items. Tires, appliances w/ freon mixed in with trash, hazardous material, or liquids. We are a Solid Waste Hauler.