Read These 5 Tips Before You Start Your Bathroom Remodel


Save yourself a headache and plan ahead!

A bathroom remodel can be quite an undertaking – especially if you head into it unprepared. If you are considering giving your bathroom design a boost, take a few minutes to read these excellent tips ahead of time on how to renovate your bathroom.

Lighting is Everything

When it comes to getting clean, light is important. Be sure you include lighting near the shower/tub area along with over a vanity mirror. Adequate overhead lighting is a must as well. For more ideas, check out these tips for better bathroom lighting.

Tiles: Consider Porcelain

Porcelain is nearly indestructible and very easy to clean. It is also not porous like many other tiles so it is ideal for a room filled with moisture. Avoid marble because it is very porous, it chips easily and it can turn yellow over time. Granite is difficult because it needs to be sealed while ceramic is not as strong as porcelain and may chip as well.

Exhaust is a Must

Showers produce a lot of steam. This steam can lead to mold and damage to your walls and ceiling. Be sure to check your current vent when remodeling. If it is not working properly, install one that can adequately vent with a recessed bath fan.

Gut It!

Check the pipes. Are they old copper ones? If so, get rid of them and add up-to-date hardware. Old concrete board and sheet rock is prone to water damage so now is the time to replace your sheetrock as well. While you are down there, you might as well replace the plywood to properly level and stabilize the floor and shower.

Pencil in Extra Time

Plan for your bathroom renovation project to take more time than you would expect. From tile work, concrete board, electrical work, sheet rock, framing, plumbing, painting and more, renovating a bathroom is a lot of work. Little is worse than getting two days in on a three day project, only to realize you are only a quarter of the way done!

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