DIY Home Improvement Mistakes To Avoid

Image of home diy-er sanding a piece of wood

These days we’re all looking for ways to save a buck. A DIY home improvement project sounds like the perfect way to improve your living space without breaking the bank. But use caution—a DIY project can quickly go from riveting to disastrous. These are common DIY mistakes to avoid. Not Taking Time To Thoroughly Plan…

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A Step by Step Guide to Lath and Plaster Removal

letters D I Y created with tools for lath and plaster removal

Our DIY guide to lath and plaster removal makes this intimidating task possible for anybody! Lath and plaster removal can be a do-it-yourself project! Lath and plaster are prone to sagging, cracking and even partially falling down. Do not be intimidated by advice that suggests removing period lath and plaster is too hard to do…

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Decluttering Your Home Before Baby Arrives

A guide to decluttering & getting your home in shape before your due date! Whether “nesting” has set in or not, you probably have a few things you want to accomplish before the birth of your newborn. Decluttering is a smart place to start. While adding in baby’s new items, you may find you have…

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Benefits of Single Stream Recycling

metal recycling

Single-Stream Recycling Is A Glorious Thing! Single stream recycling helps keep landfills from overflowing by making recycling easy and convenient. Imagine a world where you can take all your recyclables such as paper, glass, metals, and plastics and toss them into a single bin rather than taking the time and space to sort them. Lucky for…

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4 Ways to Organizing Your Workspace


4 Ways to Organizing Your Workspace Simplify your work by minimizing your space. Organizing your workspace is easy for some and harder for others. A clean and tidy office space comes more naturally to some than others. Messy workspaces can be distracting, and to simplify requires decluttering. Sticky notes, papers piled high, business cards and…

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4 Tips for Decluttering Your Bedroom

Transform your resting space from chaotic to calm with decluttering! Decluttering helps you unwind after a long day. Your bedroom should be a relaxing place to retreat when you need a little time to rest, yet it often turns into a space we pay little attention to. Many people have a tendency to focus on…

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What Not to Do When Decluttering Your House


Take heed to these tips on steps you should avoid when decluttering and clearing up space in your home. Although organizing and decluttering tips are helpful, it is also important that you understand what things you should not do when trying to reduce the chaos of stuff in your home. Wait to Shop One mistake…

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