4 Tips for Decluttering Your Bedroom

Transform your resting space from chaotic to calm with decluttering!

Decluttering helps you unwind after a long day. Your bedroom should be a relaxing place to retreat when you need a little time to rest, yet it often turns into a space we pay little attention to. Many people have a tendency to focus on areas that other people will actually see. We allow things to pile up because how often do we really invite guests into our bedroom? It’s time to get started on creating a tidy resting space with these tips for decluttering your bedroom!

Focus on Decluttering Only

It is easy to make some headway on decluttering then start thinking about how you would like to decorate. The first rule of decluttering your bedroom is to focus only on decluttering. Once you have rid yourself of excess, then you can start thinking about how you want it to look.

Closet and Drawers

Get rid of any unwanted, unworn and unloved clothing and accessories. This task can be a little overwhelming but it will be a burden lifted off your shoulders once you are done. Imagine having a closet you can sift through easily with only items you love (and that fit)! Take everything out of the closet before you begin. Try your clothes on and keep only what you like. Another little tip is if you have not put it in on the past year, toss it. The same applies to your drawers.

Night Table and Dressers

Clear your night tables and dressers by only leaving items you need, like a light and an alarm clock. If you want to add a couple decorations later, that is fine. Go through any drawers and get rid of old items or things you do not need or love.

Bed Linens

Get rid of extra bedding. 3 sheet sets are plenty with a couple comforters and/or duvets. Designate a space in your closet that will fit these items and donate anything that you will no longer use. You’ll be glad you got your decluttering done!

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