What Not to Do When Decluttering Your House


Take heed to these tips on steps you should avoid when decluttering and clearing up space in your home.

Although organizing and decluttering tips are helpful, it is also important that you understand what things you should not do when trying to reduce the chaos of stuff in your home.

Wait to Shop

One mistake people often make when decluttering is purchasing storage items before sorting through their homes. Do not buy until you know what you need – and where it will go! Start with cleaning things out, assessing what you need to begin with. Then you can buy a few containers once you have an idea of how much you have to store and how much space you have to put it in.

Do Not Stop in the Middle of a Task

Once you have sorted items from your closet (or kitchen, or bathroom) into categories, do not go sit on the couch and leave it until the next day (or week, or month). Once you have decided where something will go, put it there. The same goes for donation bags and boxes. Get rid of them right away rather than leaving them lying around. Some donation centers even offer pickup services. You have worked so hard to get this far – wrap it up and then you can sit back and enjoy!

Do Not Think You Are Done Once You Are Finished

Once you have organized your space, you may think you are done – but you are not. Rome was not built in a day. If you have the attitude that you organized once and that is all you will need to do, you will feel like a failure. Instead, recognize the reality that you will need to do regular upkeep. But know that the hardest part is out of the way. You have created a new system for organizing which will help to streamline future efforts.

Do it right the first time

Sometimes doing it right the first time means hiring someone to do it.  Try hiring a local chamber member decluttering team or even renting a dumpster from a local chamber member dumpster company.


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