4 Ways to Organizing Your Workspace


4 Ways to Organizing Your Workspace

Simplify your work by minimizing your space.

Organizing your workspace is easy for some and harder for others. A clean and tidy office space comes more naturally to some than others. Messy workspaces can be distracting, and to simplify requires decluttering. Sticky notes, papers piled high, business cards and uncompleted projects can get in the way of your work, not to mention the undue stress they add. Below are some easy ways to get your desk in order by getting rid of excess so you can better focus on the work before you.

Cut Down on Unnecessary Items

What does not absolutely need to be on your desk when you are working? Do you need those family photos in order to keep you focused? How about those books? Supplies, food, calendars and other items should also be considered. If they are not vital to your everyday work, move them somewhere else permanently.

Use Those Drawers

Desk drawers are there for a reason, they certainly will help to declutter the desktop. All of those supplies and things you moved off of the top of your desk can go in there (at least, the things you actually need). This removes them from your line of sight and frees up work space without taking them away from your work area altogether. Pens, staplers, hole punches and more can go in your drawers – even current projects! Designate a drawer to projects you are working on.

Digital Storage

Get rid of that age-old rolodex and make use of a contacts program. Your sticky notes can be eliminated also by way of a program developed to streamline your tasks. Microsoft Outlook is great for both of these. Cabinets and shelves full of books, magazines, manuals, etc. can really be taking up a lot of space, and they are probably available in digital form.  Many people find the means to get rid of large volumes of this type of media is problematic, you can consider renting a small short term dumpster.

Make Time Daily

Set aside a few minutes at the end of each day to clear the top of your desk, creating a clean slate for the next work day. Your mornings will be more efficient once you’ve gotten in the habit of organizing your workspace.

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