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A Step by Step Guide to Remove Lath and Plaster

This DIY guide makes this intimidating task possible for anybody! Lath and plaster are prone to sagging, cracking and even partially falling down. Do not be intimidated by advice that suggests removing period lath and plaster is too hard to do yourself. With a little elbow grease and the right know-how, this is a DIY…

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Decluttering Your Home Before Baby Arrives

A guide to getting your home in shape before your due date! Whether “nesting” has set in or not, you probably have a few things you want to accomplish before the birth of your newborn. While adding in baby’s new items, you may find you have a few things to get rid of to make…

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Dumpster Sharing: A Perfect Way To Beautify Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Cleanup

Why Dumpster Sharing Makes Sense Many people do not consider renting a dumpster because they have no idea how much it costs to rent; they assume it’s astronomical and they think their truck bed or trailer is big enough, or they believe a dumpster is just too big for their needs. Think about joining forces…

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Dayton Muddler 2017

Happy Little Dumpsters is very proud to announce we are sponsoring the Dayton Muddler, which donates proceeds to the Boulder Crest Retreat. Dayton Muddler is a 3.2 mile an obstacle course event in Dayton, VA that is open to all ages and skill groups.  Net proceeds go to Warrior Recovery Operations. In 2017, the organization will be…

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