Declutter Your Home With Our 5-Step Process

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Focus On Your End Goal: Open Space. 

Whether you are ready for a fresh look in your home, organizing for a move, or helping someone transition to a smaller space, doing the work to declutter can be both cathartic and overwhelming. By starting with a clear idea of why you want (or need) to declutter, you can use this motivation when the process feels less than fun. We haven't thought of all this up ourselves; we actually have been learning a lot from these guys at Dumpster Rental Round Rock.

5 Steps To Declutter:

  1. Gather two trash bags and a plastic storage box. One trash bag is for donation items and the other for trash. The plastic storage box is for items that need to be returned to the correct place in the room (which may not be accessible yet), to people or to other rooms in the house.
  2. One item at a time, put them into one of the three receptacles. Start at one corner of the room or near the door. If you can’t decide what to do with the item, put it into the storage bin. You will see it again when you go to return things, and can decide then. 
  3. Assess the volume of trash. Check in with how much trash you have collected in one room. Is there need for another trash bag? A dumpster rental? If so, make the necessary move to get what you need. 
  4. Repeat item after item until the room is clear. As you complete a room, celebrate and take a picture to remind you of how the space looks when it’s clean. 
  5. Move to the next room. Stop when the clutter is gone, and your home is a place of pride for you once again. 

The Tools You Need To Declutter Are Just A Call Away.

If you find that the job involves getting rid of large items, like furniture or carpet, or even scrap metal or appliances, you need to know what your options are. Check online or by phone with your local refuse service to learn what can and cannot be put on the curb for municipal trash removal. There are also usually special days of the month associated with large trash pickup. A more immediate, customized option is to rent a right-sized dumpster. This lets you fill it with your trash, and the refuse experts can then dispose of it properly. One call, fill it up, done.  

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