Happy Hacks for Decluttering Your Home


Cleaning is a dirty job, but we all have to do it. Whether you're the kind of person that finds cleaning enjoyable or someone that puts it off as long as possible, we all have to admit that a clean home is easier to enjoy than on that is dirty. Read on for some of the most effective tips to get your home cleaned up and organized.


Get Rid of Stuff

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Deck Rebuild

Start your process by getting rid of stuff. If you’re like me, you’re probably a bit of a hoarder. Or to put it in more flattering terms, you ascribe a great deal of sentimental value to stuff that you accumulate. This makes it emotionally difficult to separate from much of the stuff that’s accumulated. However, there is something incredibly cathartic about letting go of these old emotional attachments – especially ones that have survived two or more moves and yet remain in storage. It’s not just a practical process; it’s a spiritual one. Cut deep and start fresh. To manage that process easier, rent a dumpster and use it to dispose of large items such as unused storage containers and furniture.


Sort Drawers

Believe it or not, using drawers to help sort out all of your belongings will put your home in order. Many people keep knick-knacks and small things around their house, in their rooms, and on their kitchen tables. These little things create a significant amount of clutter. Try going to your local home decor store and purchase some plastic drawers or aluminum storage containers. As you sort through all of the items in your home, give each case a category, allowing everything to have a place.


Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Having cleaning supplies readily available all throughout your home will allow you clean without much hassle. Many people have multiple cleaning products for every part of their house, so they don't need to look all over the house for their supplies when they are required.


Don't Always Deep-Clean

Keeping your home decluttered on a regular basis means that you need to clean consistently. However, you don't need to spend seven hours every week sifting cleaning your house from top to bottom. Taking time to spend minutes here and there cleaning up will help you maintain a tidy home.


Time Your Cleaning

Whenever you have some cleaning to do that you've been avoiding, try setting a timer to keep you focused. When you are working on the clock, you are more likely to work as quickly as possible until the timer runs out. If you have a load of laundry to wash or a stack of dishes to get through, set an alarm on your phone for a few minutes and power through it-- time will fly faster than you think. Spread your cleaning and decluttering out on daily, weekly, and semiannual cycles.


Cleaning doesn't need to be a chore. By tidying up your home a little at a time on a consistent basis, you can keep the clutter in your life to a minimum. By following these tips, you can have a cleaner home and a happier you.

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