Junk Removal: Our Harrisonburg How-To Guide.


Get Started On Your Junk Removal.

To get to the heart of junk removal, you need to start with an open mind. Whether it is you or your partner who tends to accumulate stuff, both people need to be on board when work starts. Ensuring there is an open dialogue without placing blame minimizes confrontations and maximizes efficiency. We recommend you start with these easy steps:

  • Start With Storage: Choose where you want to get started. We recommend you start with closets, basements, or any storage area you use. Once that area is organized and free of clutter, you can use the extra space to store items from elsewhere in your house.
  • Organize: Create separate piles for items you want to keep, sell, or give away. If it hasn’t been worn or used in more than three years, take the time to rationalize whether you’re going to use it before you choose to keep it.
  • Start Small: So that you don’t get overwhelmed by the scope of the project, take an afternoon and start with one closet. Go through just the clothes. Once you’ve given those items away or sold them, go through the shoes. Decluttering doesn’t have to be an all-day project. Give yourself a time limit and stick to it. You’ll feel good that you accomplished something and that it didn’t take the whole weekend.

What Do I Do With All This Junk?

Once you’ve organized your items, here are some options on disposing of them:

  • Keep: Find a space to store the items you want to keep. Wrap up sweaters and clothing, so they don’t get moth balls. Find accessible locations for kitchen tools and appliances.
  • Sell: Yard sales and estate sales can be good options to get rid of excess stuff. You can also take clothes to local consignment shops. Don’t expect to get what you paid for your items, but feel free to haggle slightly with potential buyers.
  • Donate: Figure out which organization you prefer to make your donation. Goodwill, Mercy House, and the Salvation Army all offer locations to drop-off goods. Get a tax-deductible receipt while you’re there.

Our Dumpsters Help You Clean Out Your Junk!

Happy Little Dumpsters provides dumpsters in multiple sizes that conveniently fit in driveways and yards. Clean out your house and give us a call. We’ll transport items you can’t sell or donate to the landfill. Got scrap metal? We’ll help you recycle it to minimize your environmental impact. Learn more about junk removal and our helpful team.

Ready For Dumpster Rental?

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