Starting Up

Starting a Dumpster Rental Business


Starting a dumpster rental company is difficult, especially with no mentorship. As a startup entrepreneur, you’re faced with countless challenges. Everyone, including your accountant, is convinced you’re going to fail within the first year. That kind of negativity can be crushing, if you allow it to be.

Serving a Need

One thing that helps me stay focused as I start this journey is knowing that my company is serving a real need. When my family and I moved to the Shenandoah Valley, I immediately noticed a need for a dumpster rental service. It may seem a little odd to be on the lookout for dumpster rental services, but if you read the about us page here on the website you’ll know of my past struggles related to junk disposal! I spoke with builder’s associations as well as home owners and found out that while there were companies serving the area, the level of service wasn’t that great.

This lead me down the path of researching the industry, building a strong business plan, and taking the leap into full-blown entrepreneurship!

Continuing to Improve

Every single day I learn more about my business and the customers it serves. These lessons learned allow me to continually improve the way Happy Little Dumpsters helps the community around it, and I look forward to every new challenge!